The SEE Foundation has been incorporated by the Sameer Linkages Group of Companies on completion of 40 years of its existence in 2011. The Promoters of Sameer Linkages Group of Companies alongwith Dr. Reetika Khera, Development Economist working in the areas of NREGA, PDS and such are currently the trustees of the Foundation.

The objective is manifold, and is manifest in the desire for affirmative action in critical areas of social development. It will serve as a fountainhead to channelize funds towards the primary objectives which are :

  1. Education & Health Care For The Girl Child
  2. Preservation & Restoration Of The Heritage Of City Of Vadodara & Its Surroundings.
  3. Empowering Citizens Towards Social Responsibility & Participation In Nation Building.

The Website is under construction and will be available soon.Please visit the Sameer Linkages Group Of Companies website at for more details about the Promoters of the Foundation.

Please contact for more details.